Six Months of the Greentech Alliance: Achievements and Vision

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Join us on November 11 at 18:30 CET (19:30 EET) and meet leaders from the European innovation ecosystem. MOVE.BG is the partner of Greentech Alliance for Bulgaria.

The newly-established European high-tech startup union, called Greentech Alliance has turned 6 months. The project connects and supports with expertise and advice companies that use new technologies to restore the human-nature balance and help us live in a healthier planet and society. Sasha Bezuhanova, founder of MOVE.BG, is one of the advisors of the Alliance, and MOVE.BG is the partner of Greentech Alliance for Bulgaria. 

Join the special online discussion “Six Months of the Greentech Alliance: Achievements and Vision” and meet leaders from the European innovation ecosystem, among them:

    • Lubomila Yordanova, founder of Berlin-based climate startup Plan A and co-founder of Greentech Alliance;
    • Alexander Langgut, managing partner at Übermorgen Ventures;
    • Julian Swinkels, co-founder of Dutch startup Carbon Cancel;
    • Rainhard Fuchs, co-founder and CPO of Austrian green project Glacier.

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What is the purpose of the Greentech Alliance?

The Greentech Alliance was launched in the first week of May: a time when Europe was the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, on the one hand, and, on the other – the debate about creating an economic recovery program after COVID-19 and the place of the green innovation in it has begun. Among the founders of the initiative is the Bulgarian enterpreneur Lyubomila Yordanova, founder of the Berlin`s startup Plan A, and innovative Bulgarian startups are among the first members of the association: smart mask project AirLief, the startup, developing biodegradable foil Lam`on, the Pollenity high-tech bee rescue project, as well as the startup for smart water management ENOVA H2O.

“A Greentech company is one that has a positive environmental impact at its core.
They are founded for a purpose, whether that is reducing CO2 emissions or pollution, minimizing waste, or protecting the world’s ecosystems.

Greentech companies use science-based technology, ideas, and methodologies to solve the biggest challenges the global community faces. Their business models are sustainable financially, socially, and environmentally. Profit is generated as a means to sustain and scale the business and its positive impact on the planet,” the Alliance explains.

The Greentech Alliance connects green businesses in a network and assists its members with advice related to raising capital, international market expansion, marketing positioning, and other important topics. The project`s advisors are leading investors, journalists, and entrepreneurs. Among the scientific members of the Alliance are Yale OpenLab, EIT Climate-KIC, and Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

For years, there have been “painful uncoordinated actions” as well as different approaches from stakeholders fighting climate change, according to the Greentech Alliance. That needs to be changed by putting science at the forefront and using the facts to tackle climate change. Therefore, the union will accept as members businesses that support scientific data and researches.

Businesses, according to the Greentech Alliance, are among the main reasons for the climate crisis, but they can also be the solution for building a modern economy that does not interfere with nature. To develop such an economic environment, we should support companies that use new technologies to create innovative greentech service and products.

In addition to Plan A, which offers software to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint, the other co-founders of the Greentech Alliance are the fashion startup Silfir, the urban anti-air pollution project Green City, the solar startup ecology, and the initiative for saving Christmas trees WunderTree.

For a green restart of the Bulgarian economy

It is time for a green restart of the Bulgarian economy and its transition from resource-intensive industries to green business models. Funds from the EU post-COVID-19 recovery mechanism  – “Next Generation EU” as well as those from the Green Deal can help make this transition a successful journey. Therefore, MOVE.BG has initiated a coalition “For a Green Restart” that includes “Greenpeace-Bulgaria”, WWF Bulgaria, “Institute Circular Economy”, and MOVE.BG.

The coalition has brought together over 50 of Bulgaria’s leading experts in the fields of green startups and innovation, climate, the circular economy, energy as well as biodiversity, and agriculture. They have generated more than 130 ideas for a green restart of the Bulgarian economy. Read the recommendations here.

We are making our tomorrow together!