DigiEduHack Unites European Innovators to Transform Education

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Do you know how technology can help the education sector? How can artificial intelligence or big data be used to address challenges such as the need for constant improvement of educational skills? Or how can new technologies help to better organize and manage learning processes?

Join DigiEduHack 2020 – the European hackathon for finding technological solutions to the toughest challenges in the education sector. The second edition of the initiative will take place on November 12 and 13, and it is open to everyone with ideas for the technological transition in education. You can also join as a partner-organizer of the hackathon in your city.

Movement for change

DigiEduHack 2020 is coordinated by a body of 13 specialists, called Steering Group, in which there is a Bulgarian representation – Sasha Bezuhanova, the founder of MOVE.BG 

“I trust DigiEduHack will be a great catalyzer for mobilizing the collective European intelligence in finding smart and innovative solutions for the digitally-empowered education that is a foundation for training the people for perspective living in the age of automation. This knowledge for the future is critically important both for the competitiveness of Europe as also for the individual well-being of the people in all ages. The Hackathon will seed the formal and informal education system of tomorrow,” says Sasha Bezuhanova.

DigiEduHack is more than a hackathon: it is a global movement in support of the education sector. A large number of online resources are available to those wishing to participate in the competition, as well as to those interested in the topic. This year, DigiEduHack organizes special webinars on various topics related to education and the role of technology.

How to get involved?

DigiEduHack is organized by the European Commission and partners, but it goes beyond the borders of the European Union: participants from 7 continents have already been registered for this year’s edition. 

If you want to be part of DigiEduHack as a participant, you can register via an online form that will be opened until the start of the competition. Students, teachers, startup projects, entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, and everyone who wants to bring positive change in the sector is free to join the hackathon. The three best projects will receive a cash prize of 5,000 euros each.

If you do not have a team to register with, this is not a problem. You will be able to find partners during the competition. Currently, there are registered host partners in 23 countries and 30 cities. If there are no hosts in your city, this is not a problem again as you can join online, not on-site.

All you have to do is to fill in the online form and choose one of the DigiEduHack 2020 challenges, which are grouped into several topics:

  • Access and Availability;
  • Challenging the Foundations of Education;
  • Learning Spaces and Pedagogies;
  • The Learning Experience;
  • Individual Competences;
  • Organizational Capability;
  • Emerging Technologies for Education;
  • Data-driven education;
  • Other.

Participation as a host

Until the first week of November, you can also apply as a host of the hackathon in your city. You need to choose one of the DigiEduHack topics and name a specific challenge, which will be solved by the participants in your on-site or online space You also need to specify what type of event you will organize on November 12 and 13: online/offline.

DigiEduHack 2020 hosts can be:

  • Schools;
  • Universities;
  • Other types of higher education institutions (college);
  • Research organizations;
  • Startups;
  • Companies;
  • NGOs;
  • And individuals if they are keen on the topic of hacking education via technology.

Sign up for DigiEduHack 2020 as a participant or host here.

MOVE.BG and innovative science

MOVE.BG works systematically in support of Bulgarian scientists by promoting their activities and connecting innovators in this field. We organize a special talk format, called “Science Solves Problems” together with the “Bulgarian Science” magazine –  this is a show in which every month a scientist tells about himself and his work through the prism of how science changes people’s lives and solves specific problems.

MOVE.BG is also active on a European level – we have hosted the Bulgarian stop of R&I Tour d’Europe, organized by the EC advisory group RISE. As a result of the initiative, a special report with 101 ideas for the future of research and innovation in Europe has been published with the summarized results, including ideas from the Bulgarian scientists.

We are making our tomorrow together!