MOVE.BG Presents InnovationShip 2019 National Startup Survey

For the fourth year in a row, MOVE.BG has conducted the unique and most comprehensive analysis of the Bulgarian innovative startup ecosystem – the annual national survey InnovationShip 2019. The results will be presented on December 4 during the special “Digital Trajectories 2019” conference.

You will find the answers to several main questions:

  • What are the technological trends in the most dynamic sector of the Bulgarian economy? 
  • How are Bulgarian innovators positioned on the global markets and how do they develop locally? 
  • How do innovative companies grow and what are the needs for establishing themselves as big businesses?
  • What are the trends in the ecosystem?

You will have the opportunity not only to learn the results and conclusion but also to participate in a roundtable, dubbed “Where is Digital Bulgaria headed to?,” with leading experts and leaders from the digital sector as well as investors in startups and governmental organizations.

Join us on December 4 (Wednesday) at 6:30 pm, Blvd.2 Princess Maria Louise, Leanplum Hall. The event is open and free, but pre-registration is required. Book your ticket here.

Еvent Schedule

18:00 – 18:30 Registration

18:30 – 18:35 Opening

18:35 – 19:05  Presentation of the results of the InnovationShip 2019 survey by

Anton Gerunov, Ph.D. from the Center for Modeling Socioeconomic Systems 

at Sofia University.

19:05 – 20:05 Expert panel discussion with the topic “Where is Digital Bulgaria headed to?”


Georgi Kadrev – CEO at Imagga

Todor Kolev – Chair of Comrade Cooperative and Managing Partner at Cyrillic Ventures

Lyuben Belov – Partner at LAUNCHub Ventures

Vladimir Rusev – Regional Manager for Eastern Europe, Turkey and Israel at Leanplum

Nikolay Dimitrov – Executive Director and Member of the board of directors of Bulgarian Development Bank

Martin Danovski – Chair of the board of directors of the Bulgarian Fund of Funds

Moderator –  Sasha Bezuhanova – Founder and board chair of MOVE.BG & initiator of EDIT

20:05 – 20:30 Q&A session

20:30 – 22:00 Networking


This year, more than 230 startups, micro, small and medium-sized companies joined the MOVE.BG’s survey. Reports from the past three years are available for free in English here: for 2018, 2017 and 2016.

InnovationShip is presented at a special annual conference with representatives of the ecosystem. You can watch the entire event from last year on our YouTube channel.


EDIT stands for Economic Development via Innovation and Technology and was initiated in 2016 by the MOVE.BG Foundation in partnership with a broad coalition of startup ecosystem stakeholders in Bulgaria. EDIT was created to address the needs of the micro, small and startup businesses in the information technology industry forming the fastest growing and most innovative economic sector of Bulgaria. EDIT conducts the annual national survey measuring economic data of Bulgaria’s top digital and innovative businesses. EDIT’s program includes a variety of activities such as online pieces of training, topical researches, reports, policy recommendation papers, conferences, and fieldwork across the country in support of the innovative economy in Bulgaria.


MOVE.BG is a think and do tank and a platform for value creators. MOVE.BG is looking for innovative solutions for social transformation, working for sustainable development, affirming a culture of constructive dialog, participating leadership, and shared values. Since its establishment in 2013 MOVE.BG has partnered with over 60 Bulgarian and foreign organizations and has worked with more than 2,200 volunteers. The founders of MOVE.BG launched EDIT- a program that aims to support digital innovation as a driving factor in the local economy. More information: