MOVE.BG Partners with tech2impact to Support Innovation Ecosystem in Bulgaria

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MOVE.BG has joined forces with international accelerator program tech2impact and has become a local partner of the initiative. The program helps new wave of startup entrepreneurs to grow and expand their business. The accelerator continues 4 months and connects founders with leading experts. The application is open until June 19.

MOVE.BG Partners with tech2impact to Support Innovation Ecosystem in Bulgaria

What is Impact Tech?

tech2impact is a global platform for the impact tech ecosystem that supports the so-called impact entrepreneurs – founders who use high tech to find innovative and applicable solutions to problems society, economy, and the planet face. The main focus is on business projects, working on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals such as climate change, health, and well-being, or quality education.

The accelerator aims to change the view that making products or services with societal impact is not a business. The entrepreneurs of the New World can use science and technology in a sensible way to help our society and the planet, while, at the same time, having a working business strategy behind them.

The accelerator connects founders of impact projects with mentors from various fields to help them develop their projects and turn it into a sustainable and long-term business.

“There is a lot of stigma around the word ‘impact’ – that it means unprofitable, non-scalable, and charity only. That misperception is something we decided to tackle at the core. Our ecosystem has founders at its center, who all build solutions to real global problems, with a business model in place,” Sasha Lipman and Jelena Popovic, founders of tech2impact, have said.

Apply for the  accelerator

Bulgarian projects can apply until June 19 to participate in the program. They can choose a mentor from 21 experts and industry leaders from 14 countries, who will be their sparring partner for 4 months (July- October) providing expertise, insights, and tailored advice to their needs. tech2impact will give tech startups founders:

  • 10 hours of 1:1 coaching with a mentor;
  • 25 Webinars delivered by experts and industry leaders;
  • Insights on growth hacking, fundraising & pitching, sales & PR, tech, business & product development, scaling & growth, team management, and more. 

Apply now!

A green restart of the Bulgarian economy via innovation

Green startup initiatives are among the key impact businesses as they create modern high tech products and services with care for nature and people. Those businesses are one of the economic actors that must be supported during the post-COVID-19 recovery programs because they can change our economy to sustainable, environmentally-friendly, competitive, and create growth and jobs via innovation.

On June 4*, MOVE.BG together with partners from the innovative ecosystem in the country sent an open letter to the government, demanding a green restart of the Bulgarian economy. Today is the momentum. We should act now!

Sign the letter here!

We are making our tomorrow together!

*The article was updated on June 4.