SHEleader@digital 2022

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The third edition of the international conference will be focused on sustainability and will take place on October 6 in Sofia. MOVE.BG is a co-organizer of the event.

SHE Empowers Sustainability

Could women in innovation and tech be the key to solving the upcoming climate crisis? Is it true that women-led companies invest more in renewable energy and are more profitable? Is there an easy way to distinguish between corporate greenwashing and truly green companies? Which are the latest trends in green innovations and startups, and what supports their development? 

SHEleader@digital 2022, the conference dedicated to female leaders in business and tech, brings together green entrepreneurs, innovators, policymakers, corporate leaders, activists, and artists, to exchange visions and experiences. Some of the topics on our agenda include:

  • Enabling and growing green culture
  • Green innovation in corporations and startups 
  • Nature-inspired solutions and business models 
  • Sustainability Factors for Funding
  • Return on ESG investment

Years of research show the crucial importance of more inclusiveness in the process of green transformation across sectors. It turns out that women are more likely to invest in green solutions and start green ventures. They are the real drivers of green transformation in organizations of different scales. Yet, female voices are often a minority at all levels of conversations regarding climate change. SHEleader@Digital 2022 empowers women to talk.

Join us on October 6th at Toplocentrala, Sofia, Bulgaria for a day of Interactive panels, practical ideas that can be applied the very next day, inspiring keynotes, and more surprises. 

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Co-organizers of SHEleader@digital 2022 are the Bulgarian Center for Women in Technology (BCWT)MOVE.BG, EDIT, and the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA). The conference is organized in partnership with Cisco, Master Card, Bulgarian Stock Exchange, HPE operated by Selectium, Evedo, SuperHosting.