SHEleader@digital 2020: 5×5 with Lilia Messechkova

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She is coming! The second edition of SHEleader@digital 2020 will take place on May 14th and 15th. SHEleader@digital 2020 is the conference that brings the feminine touch in the world of technology and sets the stage for the discussion on the women’s role in the digitally-connected world. 

This year we are searching for solutions to the question “What is the future of women at work in the age of automation?. We will talk about deep tech, leadership, green innovation, and digital art. SHEleader@digital 2020 is organized by the Bulgarian Center of Women in Technology (BCWT) and MOVE.BG in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

Lilia Messechkova

Lilia Messechkova, a Senior Director of Software Engineering at Progress, Bulgaria, will be part of SHEleader@digital 2020. She is one of the experts in our Digital panel: Mind the gap – engage more women in the deep tech.

Learn more about Lilia in our 5×5 interview: what is she passionate about and what inspires her to be a leader.


What motivates you most when you wake up in the morning to go to work and be an inspiring leader for your team?

Three things – my team itself, my passion for solving problems and the success of our customers.

Which was the most challenging task you have ever had throughout your career?

Looking back, the challenges I’ve been through have shaped me into who I am today. From building a complex business application from scratch to executing critical ad-hoc projects to even asking for more before feeling ready to handle it – all this has been a vital part of my career. To all young people, I’d say, just go for it. Believe in yourself and conquer the unknowns ahead.

Which are the 3 things which everyone should have in mind before persuading a deep tech?

A career in tech is the right path for you if you love solving problems, thinking in a creative way and being curious to see how things work.

How big is your team and what is the ration between man and women?

My team consists of 60+ IT professionals. While the ratio between men and women is important, what I most value are the unique contributions everyone brings. If you want to create innovations and be ready to handle tomorrow’s challenges, you need to have the diverse talent to offer unique points of views and anticipate obstacles that you otherwise might not see.

What skills should a woman have in the future to be a successful leader in the constantly changing world of digitization?

Flexibility and readiness to tackle what’s ahead even before knowing what it might be and also strive for excellence versus perfectionism.

SHEleader@digital 2020

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