SHEleader in a SHEll: Women Leadership is not a Risk but a Solution in the Time of Transformation

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Join us on November 25 at 6 pm EET for one inspirational online conversation between Alexandrina Gindeva, Head of Global Delivery Hub at Experian, and Sasha Bezuhanova, Founder of MOVE.BG.

The pandemic has shown us how important is digital transformation for our business and personal life. On the other side, the digital world “reflects” the traditional one, and various challenges and problems exist both online and offline. Women are underrepresented in the digital industry, including in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) or big data processing. 

According to the World Economic Forum, only 22% of AI specialists are women despite the severe shortage of well-skilled IT professionals. The world will need 108 years to create an equal atmosphere and 202 years to close the pay gap. Therefore, we should act now with proper measures that engage women and men and boost the potential of everyone. 

  • Is technology gender-biased? 
  • What is the origin of the problem – our biases or the tech algorithm itself?
  • How has COVID-19 changed the digital industry?
  • What are the successful female role models and how they manage the crisis?

Find the answers to those and many more important questions on December 9 at 6 PM EET (5 PM CET). SHEleader in SHEll, vol7: Women Leadership is not a Risk but a Solution in the Time of Transformation meet you with one inspirational and successful female leader and manager Katerina Athanasopoulou. Katerina has been with Dell Technologies for 15 years holding various fields and currently, she is a Regional Marketing Director Central & Eastern Europe at the company. Katerina and her team are focused on both the commercial and consumer offerings with the vision to present Dell Technologies as a key player and drive thought leadership in the market landscape. Moreover, the team plays a critical role in executing the marketing strategy and evangelizing Dell’s Client and Dell EMC’s Infrastructure Solutions portfolio with our customers, partners, distributors, analysts, press, and alliances. 

Moderator of the discussion: Sasha Bezuhanova, Founder and Chair of MOVE.BG.

Register for the event here and take a link for the webinar streaming.

SHEleader in a SHEll

A special format, organized by BCWT with the media partnership of MOVE.BG that creates a bridge to the international conference SHEleader@digitalIt shows successful female leaders from the digital industry, modern art, and innovative green projects. SHEleader in a SHEll stimulates international dialogue and engages a broad audience with the aim to change attitudes and to stimulate a working atmosphere that opens the potential of both women and men.